High-quality, Reliable and Simplified IT Services
High-quality, Reliable and Simplified IT Services
Welcome to Chaward; offering your business high-quality, reliable and simplified IT Services, is really our business.
Whether you're running a store in a mall, a hotel in an embassy, a survey firm in the wild or a barber shop - we don't compromise.

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About Chaward

Our Core Values - What To Expect


We are realiable. Our Apps are reliable. Our Websites, Domains, Mailboxes, are all reliable. Better yet, Our Tech, simply put, offers 99.9% availability.
We're not kidding; Try Us.


We take great pride in ensuring our Tech improves your business. At Chaward, offering you our best is simply standard; from top-tier Tech in the industry to proper and timely communication.
Quality Services you can trust.


We embed simplicity in all our services, to ensure your business gets things done, fast. Our Systems', Apps' and Websites' User Interfaces are all simple. The User Experience is even simpler.
Simple is Fast; Fast is Convenient.


Whether it's simple Customer Support or crisis Technical Support, we ensure your business problems are solved. Timely communication, proper documentation, follow-ups, are just part of the package.
Hey, it's free 24/7 Support!

What We Offer

Android App Development

Your business needs to be within fingertips reach of dozens of potential customers. With over 5 years experience in the Android App Development industry, we assure your business high quality delivery.
Our committment to improving on usability makes our Apps look beautiful and simple, yet highly functional; thus increasing your sales conversions.
One more amazing thing that we do; 90% of our Apps run on cloud platforms, ensuring scalability and high performance at affordable prices.

Chaward Android Mobile App Development

Enterprise Software Development

We provide reliable scalable software solutions to help your business run smoothly. Modern businesses are taking on the advantage of software to automate their processes and digitize their data. We ensure you're not left behind.
From Inventory Systems, Clinic POS Systems, Government Revenue Collection Systems to Resource Management Systems; we got your business needs covered. We don't just build enterprise software to mark completion; we build to add value to your business.
With cloud-based technologies in our stack, you're guaranteed of high reliability and availability; this is our promise to your business.

Chaward Enterprise Software Development

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Website Design & Development

Your business needs a beautifully crafted and responsive website, with a unique design tailored to match your brand? Yes? Your business needs us; we understand how valuable websites are when it comes to conversions, visibility and digital presence for your business.
Whether you're running a store at home, a barbershop, a country, or perhaps, your one-day event needs a website, trust us to deliver a beautiful and reliable website that matches your needs at affordable prices.
In addition, we believe you'll love our new business model; Software as a Service (SaaS).

Chaward Website Design and Development

Online Stores for SMEs

Are you looking to reach more customers? Let us get your business online.
Sell your products online and increase revenue with our Online Store for Small & Medium Enterprises. It's affordable, really, and your customers will tell you; it's really easy for them to find a product and checkout without much hassle.
Just like our brilliant Website Design & Development services, your Online Store is tailored to match your business needs and brand.

Chaward Online Store for Small and Medium Enterprises

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Email for Business

Make things a little bit professional by getting Email for Business Mailbox, that matches your company name or name of your choice. For example, check out our Email Address; chaward@chaward.co.ke
We also understand how important Email is to your business. That's why our Email for Business Mailboxes run on the best technology in the industry.
You can bet on us for 99.9% uptime; reliable and affordable.

Chaward Email for Business Mailbox

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Contact Us

Lets get in touch. Send us a message:

Kahawa Wendani, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254 726 429423

Email: chaward@chaward.co.ke